My research interest is the Finnish kink community from the points of view of affect, belonging and everyday life. At the moment my theoretical background consists of culture analysis, affect theory, and community studies.

My PhD dissertation is going to consist of four peer reviewed articles first of which was published on May 2017.

My dissertation is going to be covering topics such as:

  • How is the feeling of belonging created in the Finnish kink community
  • What kind of affects are present and how they are involved in shaping the kink community and the kink identity (especially shame)
  • The feeling of non-belonging in the kink community
  • Kink events as liminal spaces
  • Dressing-up in kinky and fetish attire

The focus of these research topics may still change during my research.

My main data are autobiographical writings, which I collected thourgh an open call in the spring 2017 for anyone who was interested in taking part. I already had similar data (writings) gathered for my master’s thesis in 2010, and a couple of interviews conducted in 2009. My study is ethnographic and qualitative: I am not interested in compiling statistical data, but rather to learn individual experiences and feelings related to identifying as kinky. I will also include my own experience in the community through self-reflection and ethnographic fiction.